Udico Swage Die Products


The United Die Company produces steel swaging dies also called pointing dies. These dies can have tungsten carbide inserts which significantly increase tool life. The swaging and pointing die configurations can be in 4 piece, 2 piece or single die assemblies based on customer supplied drawings or United Die Company designs which include custom shapes (e.g., hexagonal, square, etc.).


The United Die Company's swaging dies are typically used to point the ends of the material producing a taper to facilitate further processing. This process is commonly referred to as rotary swaging and it physically manipulates the end of the material so it is small enough to fit into the next operation which could be cold drawing or extruding.


  • 4 piece sets
  • 2 piece sets
  • carbide inserts
  • Sizes: 3F,4F,5F,6F
  • Single Pointing Dies
  • Push Pointing Dies

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