Udico Standard Drawing Dies

All United Die tungsten carbide drawing dies can be supplied as Rough Cored or Finished with entrance angles, bearing lengths, tungsten carbide grades, etc, per customer specifications. CVD and PVD coatings on the wear surfaces of the die are available. Rough Cored Dies: Udico rough cored dies are for customers who wish to finish a die at their own facility.
Finished Dies: Udico finished dies are carefully inspected to meet all the customer specifications. These finished dies are ready for customer use and require no additional processing or polishing steps.
CVD: Chemical Vapor Deposition is a chemical process used to deposit high-purity thin films (e.g., titanium nitride) on the wear surface of the die.
PVD: Physical Vapor Deposition is a physical process where the deposited material is evaporated through the use of high vacuum, temperature, and/or sputtering onto the wear surface of the die.

For more die nomenclature and definitions, please see our die design section.

Product Specifications

Custom Drawing Dies

Custom drawing dies of almost any shape can be manufactured based on your CAD drawings or specifications. Udico design services are available to assist customers with their custom shape drawing die specifications.

Complex shapes are no problem...

Custom Elliptical Drawing Die

A custom drawing die with an elliptical shape that was rendered using the VectorWorks CAD program. The rendered output is a Quicktime VR object that can be rotated by holding down the mouse and dragging the rendered drawing die image.

Please be patient when loading the movie for the first time (file size is approximately 2.8 Mb)


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