Die Design

Our CAD facilities allow us to generate custom tooling to meet the most stringent customer requirements. This combined with our state-of-the-art CAM toolsets allows us to produce the highest quality tooling. Please take a moment to view some of our design examples below and if you have any design questions please give us a call (1-800-428-5462) or submit a technical question via our Help and Support site.

CAD Examples

Here are a few sample CAD files in a DWF format. You can view these files in your web browser by mousing over the file of interest until a blue box with a white triangle appears Box.net more options button image. Click the blue button and select "VIEW WITH AUTODESK" Description:A free web service that dynamically renders DWF file data and graphics information, allowing you to view CAD files (2D and 3D) in your browser.

Website: http://freewheel.autodesk.com

Support: For technical support please visit the AutoDesk Freewheel website. If you have concerns about using this service, please contact AutoDesk.

Note: The data sent back and forth to the AutoDesk Freewheel service is not encrypted (i.e., does not use a SSL via https) and therefore should not be used for sensitive data

Die Configuration Tool (DCT)


The Die Configuration Tool (DCT) provides die designers with a web based application to design drawing dies very quickly. The DCT application has the following advantages over conventional pencil-paper-calculator design methodologies:

  • Saves Time: Explore 100's of Die Geometry Combinations in the time it takes to do a single hand calculation.
  • Saves Money: Using our Nib Assist (TM) technology you can design dies to standard heights eliminating the need for custom nibs and casings.
  • Web Based Application: The DCT web application requires only a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and works with Windows and Mac.
  • Change nib shape, geometry (bearing length, approach angle, etc.), incoming size, and finish size.
  • Visualization and complete control over where the incoming stock has initial contact with the nib surface.

The DCT Concept

Tutorial and DCT Application Launcher

The introduction to the DCT is a short tutorial that covers the basic interface components without getting into the theory of die design. It is recommended that any designs done using the DCT be done under the auspices of a die design expert. As with any design program, the design parameters are only suggested guidelines and to do necessarily guarantee a successful die design.

The United Die Company is not responsible or liable for the DCT design data or implementation of the design data by individuals not employed by the United Die Company.

Design Review and Approval

The United Die Company has implemented a web-based design review and approval application. This application eliminates the back and forth emails with customers and ensures everyone is using the same version of the CAD design. Some of the obvious benefits to our customers are:

  • A simplified design review and approval.
  • Eliminates back and forth emails
  • Allows multiple versions of the design
  • Side-by-side comparison of different versions
  • No more standing by the FAX machine for an unreadable design
  • Quickly and easily mark-up and comment on the design

Click the play button and watch our web-based design and review process in action.

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